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Elegant and versatile, Solstice retractable awnings combine relaxation and functionality. Their high-quality fabrics protect you all day long from the rays of the sun while their integrated lights provide ambient lighting for your evenings. In addition, these awnings are modular and can be customized to meet your needs and preferences.

  • Customize your awning to suit your needs by selecting the fabric you prefer in the color you like best

  • Easily control the opening and closing with the remote control

  • Adjust the lighting from your smartphone (optional)

  • Choose the side of your motorized mechanism based on the proximity of electrical outlets

Discover our 2 models

The Open Solstice 

The Open Solstice is designed to maximize your comfort and enjoyment of the outdoors. Its adjustable tilt feature allows you to set the angle of your awning at any time of the day to catch a slight breeze even when the sun is at its peak. In addition, its compact design and sleek roller construction make it suitable for many types of installations.

The Semi Open Solstice

This model is equipped with an aesthetically pleasing aluminum enclosure that completely protects the fabric and front part of your awning. Whether it is installed on the wall or under an eave, the Semi Open Solstice will give you the opportunity to spend time on your terrace while being protected from UV rays. 

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