« Did you publish a recall on Sunsetter products? »

Yes, you can find the release about this recall here.

« How long have you been in business? »

Multiple Awnings has been in the awning business for over 30 years.

« What materials are used to manufacture the structures of your awnings? »

Our awnings are built on an extruded aluminum frame coated with baked-on enamel paint (white or beige) that will neither rust nor peel.

« How long will the acrylic fabric lasts? »

An acrylic fabric will last for 8 to 10 years. The owner has to make sure that the canvas is removed before snow / ice starts to fall.

« Do I have to take down and store a retractable awning over the winter? »

Not at all, simply retract (close) your awning and leave it on your home all winter long.  Our fabric has been designed to withstand the weather year round.  If your awning not mounted under an overhang, we strongly recommend the optional cover for added protection to your awning.

« How long will the vinyl fabric last? »

The 22-ounce mould-treated vinyl canvas has a lifespan of 15 to 18 years and remains installed year round. Its vinyl panels are heat-sealed together to make the canopy that much more efficient. The Flash System, our patented non-lacing fastening system, will ensure the canvas fits the frame perfectly year after year.

« Does the awning really make my deck or patio cooler? »

Your awning will keep your deck or patio up to 11 C degrees cooler and in addition it will keep the inside of your home cooler as well.  By preventing the sun from shining through a patio door or window, the inside stays cooler, reducing air conditioning costs and preventing fading of your carpet and furniture.