Custom-made projects

From the project start to it’s end, you will be assured that your custom made design will be executed to meet your own wishes. Through out the process, we work with an engineering team, some technical designers and sales representatives who are working together with skilled competences. Whether your project is complex or simple, we will provide the same skill set for your benefit.

SOLIDWORKS screenshotTo facilitate all steps of the design process and ultimately your approval, our technical designers will be using Solid Works™ , which enables us to deliver a three dimensional drawing for your benefit. Therefore, you will be able to view the impact on your home decor as it takes shape, and provide some last minute adjustments if needed.

From this stage of the project and in compliance with your approval, experienced teams will be manufacturing and installing your project.

Whether your project is residential, commercial or industrial, come to see us at one of our show rooms or call us, and you will be insured of our passion for small or challenging projects.