• Multiple Awnings reaps rewards
    Multiple Awnings reaps rewards

    On March 14, we have been honored to learn that we are finalists to the prestigious excellence prize of the South Shore Chamber of Commerce and Industry in the Manufacturers, less than 10 million per year

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  • Azul

    Turn your backyard into your own personal vacation paradise… Entertain family and friends on your lawn, safe from the hot sun and harmful UV rays…or celebrate with your friends at dusk! The Azul from the Brasilia family is a unique freestanding retractable awning for lawns, decks, poolside, or any location where you want shade and protection.    

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  • Palma Motorized Pergola
    Palma Motorized Pergola

    The summum of luxury while at home  

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  • Multiple Awnings at home
    Multiple Awnings at home

    Our reps can visit you in most areas of south-easthern and central Quebec. Call us for more information.

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